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The children are our future. Each and every season we see children taking to snow sports for the first time. Whether they will grow up to be top skiers is not what matters - what we want is to watch them grow with skiing and snowboarding as part of their lives. It is this vision that was the main inspiration for FIS’s ‘Bring Children to the Snow’ campaign that was introduced by the FIS Council in November 2007.

What you are about to be a part of is not just another day in the calendar. Each year we see many specific days dedicated to worthy causes. World Snow Day is unlike those other days as it brings together many of the general benefits and combines them with the joy and wonder of the snow. It will be a day where children come together with their families, encouraged to enjoy and explore the snow, whilst learning about the environment, the health benefits of snow activities and safety on and off the snow. We hope that FIS SnowKidz events deliver an experience for each and every participating child that they will cherish for a life time and would like to re-live each year.

FIS has always had strong commitment to the competitive side of skiing and snowboarding. For the past 100 years FIS has aimed to uphold the prestige, exhilaration and fairness of competitive skiing and snowboarding. Since a few years, however, we have increasingly focused on countering the decline in participation in snow sports, especially among the young. FIS SnowKidz seeks not only to give the children memories for a life time but also hopes to help revive the numbers in snow sports participation.

This event would not be possible without the input of some key stake holders. I would like to take this opportunity to formally acknowledge and thank the input of the FIS National Ski Associations, FIS Organising Committees, International Ski Instructors Association, the ski and snow sports industry, ski tourism organisations and Internationale Föderation Nationaler Verbände von Seilbahnunternehmen (F.I.A.N.E.T).

I am very passionate about the FIS campaign ‘Bring Children to the Snow’. I hope you share our vision for a world where each child has the chance to experience snow and grow up enjoying snow sports. I urge you to support this unique day and join us in creating the biggest day on snow all year!
Gian Franco Kasper
FIS President