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Primary Reasons
Increasing numbers:

Whilst a key role of FIS is to organise a structure of international competitions through to the highest levels, it is also committed to the global promotion and development of recreational skiing and snowboarding. The vision of FIS is for skiing and snowboarding to be the first choice winter sport and recreational activity. Recent research has shown that the number of people participating in snow related activities has dropped over the past years. World Snow Day is one of the key initiatives being introduced by FIS to promote snow activities as a healthy leisure recreation, notably for the young.
Other Important Reasons
FIS SnowKidz is not only about increasing numbers it is also a day to educate and inform. During FIS SnowKidz events Organisers will aim to promote:

The Environment:

The young generations are the future guardians of the snow. The children of today are the ones who will be running the factories, industry and other big polluters in the future. The younger generations need to grow up caring for the environment so they and their children, too, have snow to play on in the future. Furthermore, by conserving the environment to preserve the snow, other natural environments will benefit as well.

Health Benefits:

The health benefits of snow sports are obvious and well-known. One big advantage that snow sports offer over many other sports is the “awe” factor the natural environment provides. We need to pull children off their snow video games and put them on real snow. And they will discover there is more enjoyment in real snow activities than virtual ones.


Safety is taken for granted as an integral component of a modern lifestyle including snow activities. That’s why the ’10 FIS rules for the conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders,’ which are considered globally as the laws for the conduct on the pistes, are also a natural component of World Snow Day activities. They will help show children and their families how to behave and be safe on the snow and in doing so will also show them how to be safe off the snow.