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In this section you will find the Event Planning Manual, Event Ideas , registration to become an event organiser and the FIS SnowKidz toolkit. In other words all you need to become a FIS SnowKidz Organiser, so:

Work it out:
Develop your concept for participation. The ‘Event Ideas' section is full of great ideas for participation.

Sign Up:
Log onto to the FIS SnowKidz website and become an Event Organiser (click here). Once you have once you have submitted your application you will receive a username and password. Keep this handy as this will give you access and your personal FIS SnowKidz account.

Access your free FIS SnowKidz Toolkit and begin detailed event planning.

Prepare and promote your FIS SnowKidz event.

Get out and enjoy your event with the children and families you brought to the snow.