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As part of the ‘Bring Children to the Snow’ campaign, SnowKidz Organisers are invited to submit their projects to compete for the FIS SnowKidz Award This award is presented every second year and aims to recognise and promote the best examples of bringing children to the snow, in varying national circumstances.

Above you will find the Award Regulations and below Case Studies of the Award winners from the last edition in 2020.
 SnowKidz Award 2022 - Regulations [3.55 MB]
FIS SnowKidz Award Case Studies
These Case studies have been created to provide you an insight into the winners from the 2020 SnowKidz Awards and also ideas to further your events or actions to bring children to the snow.
FIS SnowKidz Award Case Study - Sweden
FIS SnowKidz Award Case Study - Finland
FIS SnowKidz Award Case Study - Greece