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The Brave Ski Mom - Five Common Sense Tips for Winter Time Health

It’s no surprise to anyone — especially to moms and dads — that 2020 has seemed like one long conversation about staying healthy.

We all know the basics: Wash your hands and wear a mask. We’re doing this and we hope you are, too.

So today, we’re not going to focus at all on the novel coronavirus.

Instead, we’re focusing on the fundamentals of wintertime health — this winter or any winter — so that when the snow falls, you and your family can enjoy your favorite snowsports.

To help develop these tips I emplyoed the help of Tephi Mannlein who is a general healthcare provider in Colorado. She and her family are avid skiers, which makes her a seasoned ski mom. With out further a do here are our tips:

1. Get Plenty of Sleep - As parents know, sleep — blessed sleep — can cure almost any ill. Feeling exhausted from your daily duties? Go to bed early. Kids acting grouchy? Put them down for a nap. Plan your activities so that you and your children get a sufficient amount of sleep each night. For adults, this means at least seven hours of rest, while teenagers need between 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Younger children require even more, up to 12 hours for toddlers, especially when they’re active outside in the cold!

PRO TIP: If you’re going on a skiing or snowboarding holiday, include time for resting. While everyone may be stoked to ski or snowboard all day, every day, your family will get tired.

2. Eat Healthy Food - Good nutrition underlies all aspects of staying healthy. Eat a smart combination of protein and carbs, avoid too much sugar and mix it up! No one wants to eat the same food all the time. While that may be hard to believe if you have a picky child, aim for a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Picky or not, everyone will like something.

PRO TIP: It can be tempting to augment your diet with vitamins or minerals, but most supplements are not proven. While they may help, they are not cure-alls.

3. Be Active - As a ski mom, I appreciate being told to ski more with my family! Actually, any type of activity will do, from walking the family dog, to pick-up basketball at school. Avoid being sedentary, especially when the winter nights are long and the winter days are cold. Bundle up and get outside!

PRO TIP: If you’re getting pushback from your kids about staying active, involve their friends. Plan a ski or snowboard outing with a group of kids, rent snowshoes so they can go on a hike, go sledding or drop your teens and their buddies off at an indoor gym or swimming pool.

4. Stay Hydrated - It’s easy to get dehydrated in winter, because you may not feel thirsty as rapidly as you do in summer. Any time of year, it is important to drink plenty of water every day. A good rule of thumb is that children should drink daily cups (235ml per cup) of water equal to their age, up to age 8. Above age 8, 64 ounces (1800 ml) is a good number for everyone.

PRO TIP: Carry a small, reusable water bottle when you ski and snowboard. Ideally, each person in your family should have their own, so that no one shares germs.

5. Stop Germs - Virus or not, hand washing and good hygiene are especially important during cold and flu season. Hand washing keeps germs from spreading, especially in schools, in the home, or on a ski holiday. Other smart germ-stopping moves include sneezing and coughing into elbows instead of hands, and blowing noses into tissues, instead of wiping onto hands, clothing, or ski mittens.

PRO TIP: Bring tissues with you when skiing or snowboarding. Bring a resealable bag to put used tissues in and throw them out as soon as you can.

PRO TIP 2: Avoid sick people. And when you or your children are sick, please stay home so that you can recover and get well quickly.

Take care, stay well, and enjoy the snow!

Hailing from Colorado (USA) Kristen Lummis, or as she is better known, the Brave Ski Mom, is an avid skier and true family mum in every sense of the word. www.braveskimom.com