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14.1.2019 - 28.4.2019

SnowBears 2019

As every year, Ski School Pappos-Baldoumis * and the 4 mini-heroes of FIS SnowKidz, invite you to discover the joy of snow in the largest skiing area in Greece.

Mount Parnassos is in central Greece and at the foot of this mountain is located one of the most famous monuments of the ancient world, the ancient oracle of Delphi
At an altitude of 2,457 m above sea level, Parnassos is a mountainous landscape full of charm, with a unique location.
From the south, you can have a wonderful view of the sea and from the north you can go ski or snowboard through the trees.

This winter we invite once again all children from primary and secondary schools to experience the magic of snow and discover the joy of skiing and snowboarding.
It is a whole new world of fun, together with learning about the environment, the health benefits of snow activities and how to be safe on and off the snow.
SnowKidz events will take place throughout the winter, from January 14 to April 28, 2019.

Every week from Monday to Friday in a SnowKidz park, Pinty, Jib, Misty and Slopy will be with us as assistants to provide:
- special ski & snowboard offers for schools.
- special programms for schools of the Greek Islands
- events for families.
- snow games,
- Luge races,
- Ice sculptures, snowmaking
- Snowshoeing in the magic forest
- Scandinavian walking for parents (and grandparents!)
- Events that educate children about the health benefits of snow sports,
- Events that educate children about the environment, natural life and how we can protect it.

Snowkidz Fun CUP
- 4 children parallel ski races during the season with prizes and gifts.
- Great prize for the overall winner at the end of the series

Paba bear Ski Cup
Our Ski school’s annual ski race since 2011 for children up to 12 years old, which is taking place at the end of April and is the only race in Greece for these ages with more than 80 participations every year.
Gifts and prizes will be given to the children together with the big prizes for the winners of the categories.

We are here to “Bring children to the snow” and teach/show/make them to LOVE White Sports΄

The program is dedicated to children with Cystic Fibrosis.

* Pappos Baldoumis ski school operates since 1977 in the Parnassos Ski Resort and has been a pioneer in the development of the sport in Greece over the years.
From its classes came out thousands of students, as well as dozens of athletes and champions of Greek Ski and Snowboarding.
The ski school supports both campaigns of the International Ski Federation's "Bring Children to the Snow", as it is also co-organizer of the World Snow Day since 2012.

e-mail: office@skischool.gr
SnowBears 2019
Parnassos Ski Area
E Sikelianou 1
32004 Arachova
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